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Syneron SRA

The SRA applicator is Syneron’s Skin Rejuvenation handpiece. Treat pigmented skin due to age spots, sun damage, spider vessels and Rosacea.

Condition: These handpieces have low pulse counts and work great.

Treatment Applications:  Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Resurfacing, Pigmented Lesions.

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Syneron SRA for Sale

Quantity in Stock: 5 Handpieces with varying pulse counts are in stock.
Pulse Counts: Varies by applicator. Contact us for for more info.
Spot Size: 12 x 25 mm
470 to 980 nm
RF Energy:
Up to 24 J / cm3
Light Energy: Up to 45 J / cm2

These handpieces are in like new condition.  Fully serviced and reconditioned.

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