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Syneron LV

We have two Syneron LV vascular lesion handpieces for sale. The LV spot size treatment area is 8 x 5 mm.

Condition: Both of thes handpieces are in great condition. All of them have been tested and perform to OEM standards.

Treatment Applications: Vascular Lesions.

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Syneron LV Handpiece for Sale

Quantity in Stock: 2 Syneron LV applicators are currently in stock.
Pulse Counts: Both handpieces have very low pulse counts.
Wavelength: 900 nm
Spot Size: 8 x 5 mm
RF Energy:
Up to 100 J / cm3
Light Fluence: Up to 140 J/cm3

Additional Info: The Syneron LV is their Vascular Lesion handpiece. We also carry the LVA applicator which offers advanced treatment for vascular lesions.

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