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Palomar Lux1064

We have 6 Palomar Lux1064 Nd:YAG handpieces for sale. They are in like new condition with low pulse counts. Call us today for pricing and more information – inventory changes rapidly.

The Palomar Lux1064 handpiece is compatible with the StarLux 500 and 300 laser platforms.

Condition: These handpieces are in great condition and have been certified by our technicians to perform to OEM standards.

Treatment Applications: Vessel Clearance – leg veins. Hair removal – skin types V and VI.

Contact us today for further information on these like new handpieces at low prices.


Palomar Lux1064 Handpiece for Sale

Quantity in Stock: Currently 6 Palomar Lux1064 handpieces in inventory.
Pulse Counts: Each handpiece is in great condition, fully refurbished with low pulse counts..
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Spot Size: 1.5 thru 9 mm
Pulse Width:
5 -100 m
Pulse Rate: Up to 1 Hz

Additional Info: The Palomar Lux1064 is the handpiece attachment for the Palomar StarLux 300 and 500 which is used to treat leg veins and vascular lesions.

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