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Deka Laser Repair

deka laser repair


Deka Laser Repair in the Dallas Metro, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio area are as easy as picking up the phone.  We offer Deka Laser Repair service that is far less costly than the manufacturer’s services.  Our experienced and licensed technicians can even diagnose your issues over the phone.  When you call, be sure to have your make, model, and any error codes that the machine is giving you.  We can diagnose your issue over the phone and get you a proper quote.  Should you agree to the quote, we will set up your appointment and get you on our schedule right away.  We understand that your machines are the main source of your business and need to be working properly as quickly as possible. 

The Deka Laser machines that we work on are:

  • SmartEpil
  • SmartXide
  • Dot CO2
  • SmartSkin


Typical Deka Laser Repairs

Some typical Deka Laser Repair services we conduct for the SmartEpil, SmartXide, Dot CO2 and SmartSkin are:

  • Water flow sensor repair or replacement
  • Water leak repair
  • HR replacement
  • Water pump repair or replacements
  • Laser rail alignment
  • Pockells cell replacement
  • Alexandrite rod resurfacing or replacement
  • Laser head rebuild or replacement
  • Articulated arm alignment
  • Co2 Tube replacement
  • Heater module
  • DI filters
  • LCD Screens
  • System preventative maintenance
  • Capacitor replacement
  • Cpu Board
  • HVPS issues
  • User button interface issues
  • PFC boards
  • Laster flow tube replacement
  • Flashlamp replacement
  • OC replacement 
  • Cal Port window replacement

As a clinic owner, you may not have a clue what is wrong with your machine, you just need it back up and running as quickly as possible.  This is not a problem either, we work with clients to diagnose the issue over the phone.  When you call, be sure to have the make and model of your machine along with any error codes you are seeing.  With your accurate description, we can diagnose the issue over the phone and get you a quote.  From there, should the quote be approved, we will then get started and put you on our schedule.  Don’t think you need to call the manufacturer from something this simple, we are certified repair technicians that are fully capable of fixing the issue.  Give us a call today.





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