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Candela Laser Repair

candela laser repair

Our repair technicians work on the following Candela lasers in the following Texas metro areas:  Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. 

  • Gentlelase
  • Mini Gentlelase
  • Mini GentleYag

Our Candela Laser Repair services include:

  • fiber repairs,
  • cryogen spray repairs
  • pump chamber rebuilds
  • optical fiber polishing
  • system calibratons
  • power supply checks
  • flow tube repairs
  • AO Q-switch repairs/replacements
  • cooling system repairs
  • headpiece repairs
  • and more

If you have a Candela laser that is acting up and you aren’t quite sure what to do, give us a call. 


Let us save you thousands on having the manufacturer repair your equipment.  Contact us and our technicians will conduct preliminary troubleshooting over the phone.  From there we can schedule your service date and time that will work best.  Once we have a service time, you should expect us there on time and ready with OEM parts.  Our technicians are certified and have a complete understanding of the Candela Gentlelase and Gentleyag machines.  If your machine is giving you an error code, be sure to write this down before you call. This will help with the diagnosis of the problem.  Also, be sure that you know the make and model of your machine so that we can further assist you.  Calling with all the pertinent information helps the call go more quickly and be more effective.   We understand that your time is very important to you as it is to us.  So, be sure you have this information handy when you call.


Get your Candela laser maintenance complete

Candela lasers require regular preventative maintenance to keep them running in tip-top shape.  If you have a Gentlelase or Gentleyag laser system, this is key to your business and it should be a priority to keep it running properly.  You can schedule this simple maintenance with us before you have an issue.  This preventative maintenance helps keep your machine running and prevents downtime.  With our service, you can schedule your machine to be down while we perform the maintenance and be back up and running the same day.  


All technicians are certified

Our certified technicians are ready to help you with your high voltage power supply repairs (HVPS) as well.  These units, over time, wear out and getting them replaced by the manufacturers can be far more costly than calling us.  We work in the Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston TX areas and are here to get your Candela laser repair done quickly and with ease.

Our reputation matters to us, which is why we offer amazing customer support.  Our team of licensed and trained experts will arrive at their appointments on time and ready to go.  They can explain anything that you might not understand and help you get your Candela laser repair done quickly and with ease.  We want you to have nothing but a great experience with us.  And, we go the extra mile to ensure your machine is good to go before we leave.  Give us a call today for your Candela laser repair!


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