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Shop With Cosmetic Laser Experts for The Best Used Cosmetic Laser Deals

Cosmetic Laser Experts is centrally located in Arlington, Texas. We sell used medical laser equipment across the U.S. and internationally and offer significant savings compared to manufacturer pricing.

Aftermarket Cosmetic Lasers and Aesthetic Equipment

The company sells leading brands of used cosmetic lasers, handpieces and accessories to medical spas, wellness centers, plastic surgeons and dermatologists.  Cosmetic Laser Experts focuses on well known, reputable brands such as Candela, Cynosure, Lumenis, Palomar and more.  The company is committed to providing practitioners with quality equipment, that is recognized for delivering treatments that are safe and effective, with little to no side effects and high efficacy rates.

Value Priced Reliable High Quality Equipment

Businesses today are strapped for cash in today’s economic environment. Pre-owned cosmetic laser systems are an affordable way to grow your practice without substantial capital investment.  The equipment we sell is acquired outright through bank repossessions, off lease contracts, trade-ins and from other practitioners. All equipment is test by certified technicians and refurbished to meet original manufacturer operating specifications. We do not sell sub-par equipment or aesthetic lasers that have not be fully tested. We value our reputation and are committed to customer satisfaction.

Cosmetic Laser Repair & Maintenance

If your equipment is not performing correctly or is broken, you do not necessarily have to buy a new laser. At Cosmetic Laser Experts, we have qualified laser repair technician that are specialists in repair IPL lasers and handpieces. We work on a variety of brands such as Candela, Palomar, Lumenis, ConBio, Syneron and more. Many times equipment isn’t working properly because it hasn’t been maintained. Contact us for a free estimate we can help you make a determination on the best course of action.

Serving major metro markets in Austin, Dallas Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio and across the United States.

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